It’s become very apparent to me this work I’m constructing into a manuscript isn’t going to flow in any type of sensible order, therefore I’ve given into simply writing what comes to mind, each and every day. Today, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around an issue surrounding the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage. The outrage/joy seem to delineate along an age based line, as well as a faith supported discomfort. Older, conservative Christians are infuriated by the notion of altering what they call the “sanctity of marriage”. Most are deeply biased from their experiences gathered from pre 1970 childhood, that was vastly different from post 1990. There appears to be a sense that their values and beliefs are being threatened somehow. There is a notion, that churches are now required by law to perform non-heterosexual marriages, when in fact, churches are not required by any law I’m aware of, to perform any type of marriage not approved of by the church. The closer you get to millennials, the more supportive to the new ruling things become. This is simply a vast divergence from pre 1970 society. I know that not all change is progress, but there is absolutely no progress without change. Plain and simple. I’m interested to read the new book from Lee McIntyre titled, “Respecting the Truth” about how misrepresentation of facts can often lead down a path of unfounded ideology. We’re busy fussing over issues between people, who don’t have a clue what their attempting to represent. This is where my project ties into my line of thought today, by examining the idea of compassion, and how it’s selective application clouds the perspective of those focused on dragging around the past. I wonder how many Americans consider themselves compassionate? How many of that group then place qualifications on that compassion? “They’ve done this to themselves”, “they’ve gotten what they deserve”, unless they happen to be children, then suddenly there innocence overrides everything else, and now absent of the parents, now we have victims. I’m not excluded from this judgement paradigm by any means, it’s through my ability to reflect back over my former self, that offers me the inspiration to write about all of this. I once was everything I’ve described here, and now somehow I’ve grown to see things from a different perspective. Simply because I chose to open my mind, and broaden my ability to accept both myself and others. It’s been through this awakening process, that I’ve come to realize, personal change supports the progress needed to make this world a better place for everyone, not just the few. The more people we have fulfilling a better existence, the better that existence becomes for everyone. Know that the benefit you derive is associated with mutual benefit for others gives life that rich fullness. Exploiting your happiness at another persons detriment, is the world as we’ve known it for as far as we’ve described it. Change, not when you look at it in those terms.


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