From beneath the shadows of life is peace and joy in the soul. Listening to Eckert Tolle discuss the pain body, and it’s attachment to the ego, has given me pause to further consider my life. My pain body was born during my adolescence, when my father left us. It grew across my life until this past year, when I was forced to come to terms with it. My hopes are to shed it from my reality, and move to a life of peace and joy, rather than conflict and regret. I’m beyond doubt, that I wasn’t born into this universe to simply ruin others lives, so discovery of how to improve off of that is my purpose in all of this. Disguising pain with outside pleasure only prolongs the reconciliation of your understanding of yourself. All we are, is all we’ll allow ourselves to be. Only the moment you’re alive in, gives you the chance to make everything better than the collective moments of your past. You have the rest of your life to get it done…

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