I certainly didn’t embark on this project to reconstruct the history of our time here on earth, but rather to evaluate the progress, and identify what’s needed today in order to include more people in the much advanced quality of life over our preceding generations. Humans respond to different stimulus in a wide variety of ways, but inspiration through telling a story seems to have the most beneficial results. Combined with the amazing capacity to disseminate that story across multitudes of people today, I’ve chosen to write about the story of how everyone can have a chance to participate. I mentioned yesterday about the “useless” population of the world. Let me start out by clarifying that terminology. That segment of society isn’t without benefit to the greater good of everyone, but rather the opportunity to identify a path to relative prosperity from poverty is much cloudier today, than when I was a child. The mid-level rungs of the ladder are fading into obscurity from the advancements in productivity from technology, as well as the breadth of the globalization of the worlds economic growth and production. I see each and every day the social issues, that are spun off by these economic realities, and the considerable deterioration of the family mechanism as the unintended consequence. Government entities can’t, and won’t bring about large scale social advancement, simply because that’s not their function to a society. Special interest corruption skew the beneficial outcomes to the sources of the revenue. Socialized government lacks the incentive mechanism to create innovation and risk taking with accumulated capital, and oh by the way, corruption is exacerbated in political preferential treatment there. So, what can a person, who cares deeply about making the world better for everyone do? Imagine a narrative, and build a story where everyone wins…with a little effort by those involved. 

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