I have within me this grand idea of a better human existence, and this work is my effort to establish a basis for which to promote it to the world. Somehow my life appears to me as evidence that it’s possible for everyone to have their chance at attaining that dream. I’m far from wealthy, famous, or privileged by any measure. Luck, fate, and accidental circumstances have aided in my journey, but beneath all that, I identify some basic attributes, that are possible for nearly everyone. Considering children are born into their individual circumstances, and must attain a specific level of awareness and maturity to act upon their own best interest and ultimately have a measure of control over the life they live. Identifying the best attributes of their upbringing to duplicate them with their own children, and thus diminishing all they identify as negative as well. The problem with my theory in practical application is achieving sufficient awareness and knowledge to promote this synthesis of distillation of experiences, to evolve social behaviors. Billions of humans lack the access to alternatives from the path they are born into, therefore enslaved into an outcome their individual hopes and dreams fail to overcome. Within the context of these particular situations, humans breakdown into individual realities associated with how they perceive their individual sense of self. Scientists are only recently gaining a respectable understanding of how the human brain functions in terms of how our consciousness actually functions. Reading Daniel Gilbert’s “Stumbling on Happiness”, I began to relate to many of my emotional states, and personal realities. Awareness to how and why my understanding of my life has been a tremendous catalyst to starting this project. Only through my ascension to a high enough socioeconomic level, that greatly diminishes the need to ponder satisfying the basic creature comforts to allow my mind the capacity for imagining the possibilities of how to improve the lives of others. Billions of humans spend the vast majority of their waking hours focusing on the shear existence of themselves and their most cherished loved ones, while less than five percent of all humans have the time to devote a meaningful amount of thought to improving life for the entire species. This ratio has bound humanity into a fixed interdependent social construct, of “haves and have nots”. Concepts such as democratic governments and free market capitalism are making enormous improvements over just a hundred years ago, and the number of people living in extreme poverty is declining more rapidly than any time in civilized history. Then why am I so concerned with making this process even more beneficial for even more humans? The global population growth has accelerated to an alarming rate, given the concept of the “Law of Large Numbers”. The global population in 1940 was estimated to be around 2.9 billion people, contrasted to over 7 billion today, and still growing. Given Dr Harari’s theory of technologies role in reducing the number of people it takes to supply this continued increase in standard of living for our species, and the continued rise in global population. What will the ratio of “haves and have nots” look like in a global population of say 9 billion? This ratio has the potential to greatly increase that group of “useless people” to a level our social norms will fail to functionally facilitate. Imagine the unintended consequences associate with this dilemma. Life as we know it will change, simply because it will have to in order to accommodate the drain on resources, and the effects on our planet. I ponder this, and can’t help but think, if we know we are going to have to change our perception of human reality, why not start now with identifying social structures and behaviors to make that a better reality for everyone. 

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