I left this with the idea, life for everyone could appreciable improve, if everyone was willing to lift upward simultaneously. I stand by that conviction about humanity. Today, I believe there exists more benefit than detriment. All that being said, I’m not yet the beacon for humanity. Not everyone shares in my optimistic perspective. Compassion for all of humanity is what’s missing from the equation, in that the competitive struggles for essential survival resources are long behind the world. We haven’t identified just how to distribute things evenly, and still incentivize progress through capitalism in an altruistic manner. This situation exists simply because the lack of awareness to how close a better way actually lies, is clouded by the fog from the massive amounts of information available to the vast majority of people, and their inability to filter this massive pipeline of data into digestible portions. Gossip, hearsay, scandal, tragedy, turmoil, and ideology are the headlines being focused directly at a populous, that doesn’t quite know what to believe in. That would account for forty percent of Americans not being able to identify the three branches of the United States government, and their intended purpose, yet they possess an emotional based opinion of a particular candidate running for president. Or the forty percent believing dinosaur’s and humans coexisted in the same era, or any number of additional mythic truths, that concern our present state of affairs. Daniel Gilbert was spot on with his assertion, the human brain didn’t fully evolved far enough to cope with the rate of progress achieved by modern science and technology. My hopes are to help identify a better mechanism for connecting humans in a truly meaningful way, that uses this marvelous advancement in a way where everyone moves forward together.

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