Alright, I totally understand I’m being optimistic light years beyond a glass half full. My desire for my life to mean something beyond my own happiness, and the shear thought, that I can make the world a better place, doesn’t carry a high probability of coming to fruition. The average person, meets this notion with a heavy dose of doubt, simply because, most people believe it’s far fetched to conceive other people are inherently altruistic, just as they themselves are. Research has shown us time again, the behavior of doing for others touches a basic need within the human spirit. Which, in and of itself, is the secret sauce to compassion, and empathy. The high we achieve from giving of ourselves, compares to all other things, that fill our hearts with joy. What if, we used that concept to push consideration toward identifying, and acknowledging the existence of the vast chains of human lives associated with the material items we simply take for granted? What I’m suggesting is this, what if we measured this perceived moment of whatever we get from all that we consume and obtain, and attach a chain of relative benefit, to every single life involved in the process. Imagine yourself in every situation along this supply chain, and determine if everyone is winning, as much as you’ve benefitted from having the fruits of their labors. Shouldn’t we know the people involved in our lives to that extent? That is the first shift of perspective, I’ve identified in my previous paragraphs, and this basic awareness of your existence, must be ingrained on all the children from here on. I didn’t start my quest by opening up with a book, only to digress to an actionable agenda for putting this grand scheme to work. This collection of what’s swirling through my mind, is far from organized, or complete. I’ve specifically chosen this platform, in hopes of attracting interjection, even collaboration on the actually movement. If I’m able to begin a narrative, that attaches itself to enough people to build a community, then I can’t help but believe, that gives the breath of hope to spreading the story to a wide audience. It’s this narrative that gives life to each and every social movement from the very beginning of modernity. The notion of getting along with everyone, given the enormous expansion of the species over this past 115 years, just seems to me, to be of the greatest importance for all the future to come. There are 2.4 times as many births than deaths per year, and that ratio will continue to expand with life expectancy continually expanding, and the birth rate not declining significantly. Knowing that, help me understand exactly how the alternative to what I’m suggesting is sustainable, or remotely reasonable…


2 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. I 100% support this notion. Putting this concept to people who do not see the need is incredibly hard. I just wrote something similar to this, possibly slightly more exhausted in nature. If you’re taking this further let me know. So happy to know other people aren’t fighting against compassion.


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