I truly believe that humans are inherently compassionate by nature. There’s something biological about our need to be connected beyond the simple act of procreation. The struggle between that and our insane egos is where the species yields to the paradox of choice. I’ve just started in on Audible listening to Barry Schwartz book of this very same title. I hope to gain some additional perspective into the human condition as it relates to this complex world we live in today. While Mr Schwartz and the many other brilliant people I learn from are doing the grass roots research, digesting their findings, and serving them to the world for attaining a better understanding of ourselves, and our species, I hope to use all this insight to create a story for more humans to benefit from. A “movement” or “ideology” would imply there’s an agenda behind my writing. It’s more of an expression by a somewhat average man, hoping to inspire some measure of positive change, that doesn’t leave behind a trail of disenfranchised people looking upon a better life as a fantasy. This story of freedom of thought, and access to prosperity isn’t a dream, yet so many people on this planet view it as such. Defining the balance between luck and behavior is a key component to finding a better existence. There are circumstances that the most brilliant mind, and best decision makers are not able to overcome, just as there are fortunate realities, that are difficult to destroy their benefits. I suppose the challenge in all of this is getting a majority of people to see everyone else as someone they could be emotionally close to, if they ever had the chance, not dismissing strangers as inconsequential because we have no emotional alliance to them. Maybe the key is to better define the concept of love, and how we humans relate to its effects and control over our behaviors? Loving all humans as we love ourselves is the core basis for modern day religion, yet even there extreme factions divert the cause toward a special interest condemning those, who don’t follow their prescribed guidelines. Why is it so inherently difficult to utilize compassion and sympathy/empathy as motivation rather than a tool differentiation among others, who are incredibly like us and others we respond to in so many ways? 

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