I’ve been out visiting the world at large, albeit the state of California, nevertheless an adventure. I was able to see a wide range of culture, socioeconomic demographics, and geography. The state with its residents are indicative of the nations social construct, which has sparked my interest enough to write about it. The tone of the conversations we had with the residents of Napa carried a heavy political overtone. While waiting in line to get another cocktail at a very nice birthday party, a lady spoke of the need to help the poor with greater efforts. I suggested the governments role was extremely inefficient at best, to which she replied big corporations were to blame. I didn’t ask her how much of her wealth was being given away to shoulder the cause, but I would suspect it was just enough to gain a nominal tax benefit on an annual basis. Liberalism and Conservatism are on the polar ends of the spectrum of this debate. Both are ideologies with no actionable strategy for raising up, those who struggle to gain enough financial stability to prosper. Volunteering at the soup kitchen relieves guilt, but only throws a band aid at a gapping wound in the social problem. Now, I’m not suggesting soup kitchens don’t serve a purpose, but addressing regulatory constraints on utilizing the food already produced to serve more benefit is a more appropriate approach. None of these financially comfortable individuals I met in Napa had a clue that if a carton of eggs has one broken in the cold case at the store, the retailer is prohibited from replacing that single egg with a good one, but ends up removing the carton to be discarded, trashing eleven perfectly good eggs, that could be given to these people being served in those soup kitchens. I guess my point is simply, taking an interest in a social problem requires comprehensive research and understanding to deliver real benefit. The world needs innovative ideas to deliver improvement, not simply workers to lend a hand. Prioritizing social needs falls on who has the best marketing campaign, and we all know how influential that becomes. I applaud Bill and Melinda Gates for immersing themselves into causes that they believe their philanthropy can deliver a solution, not just that token band aid. So inspiring that Warren Buffet has thrown his immense wealth into the same pot, for the Gates Foundation to apply as it sees fit. 

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