Let’s digress today to discuss the concept of love. I often wonder if our species placed similar emotional emphasis on love, tens of thousands of years ago, as we do today? Before there was an organized written language, how was this expression of deep compassion shared with others of the species? Better yet, how does love transform for future generations. It’s difficult for modern society to imagine the past or the future without referencing that imagined existence as we currently experience today. While the biology has hardly changed, or will for the future, our conscious awareness has dramatically advanced, and will continue to do so. My daughter has never known a time where Google wasn’t available for any inquiry she might have, while I can recall using outdated encyclopedia’s to uncover facts. Love has to be effected by such advancements in similar ways, as humans find ever increasing ways of connecting to one another. I want to examine the much broader spectrum of the human capacity to love, as well as the context for which it builds a better or worse social construct. Our species has modified the social structures of how we exist exponentially in the past 500 years. I firmly believe more people possess more capacity to give of themselves to others than ever before, yet there remains a huge gap from the most compassionate to the least. Religion, Democracy, and Rule of Law have helped define the idea of Human Rights, allowing individuals the freedom to follow their imaginations to a certain extent, in the pursuit of happiness. I’ve yet to find anyone’s definition of happiness that excludes, or fails to correlate with love. I would subscribe, love is the cornerstone to modern day happiness. Exactly what is love today, and why do we reserve it for certain circumstances, and not openly share it with everyone we encounter? Are we so adverse to getting our hearts broken, or our feelings hurt, that we ration out our ability to love as though we will somehow run out? Shouldn’t all love be unconditional, and all our other feelings be assigned a conditional use program? How much happiness one can bear, could be directly in line with how much love one can share…

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