Learning about life comes with experience, yet as with any collection of knowledge, the amount of time spent focusing on specific aspects of something hones our perception. These days I take considerable time attempting to gain a better understanding of the behavioral aspect of our shared species. Something inherently drives me to care about the human condition. It’s abundantly evident our kind is struggling to adjust to the acceleration of change over this past couple of decades. Bombarded by stimulating inputs nearly every second of our existence, the human consciousness is fully occupied with decision making. Just a few short generations ago, the average lifestyle was exponentially more routine oriented. Choices were minimized by the lack of opportunity, as the explosion of what we know collectively was far less and tightly held within a much smaller percentage of the whole. The gap between the extremes of understanding was minuscule when compared to today’s disproportional distance. Carrying the species forward requires carrying everyone, and here I am writing down my thoughts on this dilemma. Why can’t more people believe in a common story, so more people can pull the species forward? Isn’t it as simple as that? What we know and believe we understand today, is in large part an accumulation of all our understanding over time. My parents were able to deliver this transfer of consciousness over a realitively short period of time, until I was so inspired, I took responsibility for gathering experiences. The outcome of this reference point is dramatically skewed based upon the culture it was administered under for a variety of humans. Someone born in subsahara Africa on the exact same day as me, would more than likely have a totally different story to tell is this very same fashion. Why do understood experiences differ so widely between cultures of beings, who are nearly biologically identical? Is their a biological component, or is it more pinned to cultural evolution? 

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