I came here to share my thoughts about very broad and impactful things on my mind, issues not present in so many of the daily conversations I experience. I’m not a writer by trade, yet I’m constantly in thought about what I can do to make the world a better place. After watching a couple of episodes of HBO’s “Vice”, I couldn’t help but believe a better story for people to believe in waits to be exhibited to make a big difference in how we all exist. Various cultures around the world help dictate how many participate in this global society. Power, Ego, and Nationalism combine with platforms such as religion, government, and ideology to influence the population at large. Most Americans are completely blind to precisely how the average human perceives their existence, and the world at large. We falsely apply the idea’s of freedom, and human rights to everyone, while the large majority of humans have no real idea of exactly what that feels like. So, let’s take the discussion to the level of the individual, since aren’t all of those entities comprised of that basic building block? Research has indicated that our species for the most part is inherently social by nature, and by that, we feel our best when we feel connected. The idea of “connected” can mean a vast number of circumstances and situations, thus the individuality of each of us weighs upon how we construe this concept. Some of us are satisfied with the family structure, and seek minimal contact outside of what that gives us for connectivity, while others are your “social butterflies” creating new connections at seemingly every opportunity. Still yet, some find human connection difficult, and isolate themselves from the world by choice. What specifically defines a meaningful connection within our conscious reality? They like what we like, they believe what we believe, they are the counter opposite to our disposition, and countless other criteria can be examined after the fact, but I’m speaking about that initial connection, before we fill in all those details about someone. I discussed this briefly through comments made to an earlier post with another blogger, and they mentioned the idea of a shared frequency between two peoples energy fields. This line of thought aligns with some of the concepts being examined by the Heart Math Institute, where some suggest the human heart emits and receives a type of energy transmission, that humans possess. The collective effects of this were thought to have created an enormous spike in random number generators around the world four hours prior to the first plane striking the World Trade towers on 911. Is there a physiological effect from identifying another human living at or near the same frequency as yourself? Does this explain that feeling of having known someone seemingly forever shortly after first coming into contact with them for the very first time? How much control does our mind assume when identifying people we want to get to know better, and how much is beyond our ability to rationalize with thoughts. Or, is it more contingent on the manner in which we present ourselves to others that attracts or repeals their interests…


3 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. Good points. You’re not a writer?
    First off, the only thing I see you need as far as literarily is defined clear paragraphs that makes your ideas clearer and more impactful. Otherwise your ideas and vocabulary are extremely impressive!

    Secondly, I don’t know exactly how to answer this question.
    Science would be a good place to start but they don’t fancy studying the metaphysical because they might learn something that contradicts their entire foundation.

    I do believe that we emit frequencies from the heart. People pick up on this energy. Now I am one of those social butterflies who also spends a lot of time alone. I think I do this because I’ve been injured a lot putting myself out there and fully investing myself in relationships that drain me.
    So. If the world were less scary. Let’s be honest. It is scary. More so for people who think like us who see the behavior of humanity and the violence and wrath they can impose on others for hardly any reason at all.

    We know each other when we find one another. Regardless of distance.

    Now for other frequencies that do not resonate with us? We seek to achieve an equilibrium with those people.
    Physics clearly states this. I think in the 3rd law of inertia. I think inertia is Newton’s second, no thermodynamics is the second law. I’m pretty sure inertia is the third. It can be applied to people and social relationships too.
    Particularly when explaining things like resistance to an outside influence, attraction, and things like cognitive dissonance.
    Let me make sure what I said is accurate about Newtons law of inertia.

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