I have to continually remind myself that we live in the most peaceful time in all of modern human existence. That being said, yesterday’s events suggest a different picture for our species. I’m alarmed by each and every occurrence of such senseless violence, yet while reading about this on the NBC News app, I discovered an even more alarming fact. Forty-one such tragedies have occurred this year. There have been at least one school shooting for every single week of the year thus far. Is it just me, or does that seem like a tremendous amount of gun violence happening in places that should by all rights, be considered safe havens for people to learn and better themselves? Couple all this with the vision of children manufacturing guns in the Phillipenes from the episode of Vice I watched Wednesday night, and I can’t help to wonder, what is it that allows humans to disrespect the lives of others so violently? Is there a baseline level of compassion within every person, or am I delusional to believe we as humans are inherently socially cooperative by nature. Violent behavior stems from a multitude of causes, such as poverty, extremist ideologies, political imperialism, just to name a few very broad perspectives, and on an individual level jealousy, domestic disputes, and egotistical agenda’s motivate much of what happens in social settings. Emotions take full control of people’s ability to rationalize their circumstances, and within a split second the trigger gets pulled and the outcome is sealed. There’s no reprieve once the gun is made present, aimed at another person, then discharged. 

But this is not what took place in Oregon yesterday. This was something planned out over a period of time, deliberately calculated with a specified outcome, by someone, who obviously struggled with accepting their reality. Isn’t mental health a major factor in a certain percentage of the more extreme cases of gun violence? The discussion about gun violence has to include the supply of weapons as well as the mental health issue in order to provide real benefit. 


10 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. I think the bottom line is that guns kill people. People need help, there needs to be better or more available mental healthcare and more awareness, but gun laws have got to change. This guy owned something like 11 guns. legally. something is terribly wrong.

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    1. Violet,

      I’m with you 100%! A buddy of mine suggests that gun owners should be forced by law to maintain liability insurance for their guns. By bringing the vast financial/political influence of these “Too Big to Fail” institutions to this problem, we align the ownership of guns with a financial responsibility?

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  2. Over prescribing the public
    SSRI’s and irresponsible journalism. Point blank. No pun intended.

    Look it up. SSRI’s are linked with violent behavior and Serotonin regulation issues are also linked to Psychopathic behavior.

    I agree with liability insurance on the gun to a point. That’s just another bureaucratic mess. It doesn’t actually save people’s lives.

    Liability insurance is just another way to capitalize on mass murder… It’s a bandaid on a broken bone.

    Guns don’t kill people. Screwed up people on Prescription Drugs they shouldn’t be on kills people watching…. other screwed up kids get all this press and attention kills people… The gun is an MO. If it’s not a gun it will be some other weapon. The urge to kill is an urge to kill. Yes, guns make it easier. I agree something must be done but if we aren’t noticing a big elephant in the room more people
    will die because we don’t have the courage to face the REAL problem.

    Look up the side effects to SSRI use and the statistics of how many people in this country take them.

    Good luck getting medical records of the shooters but personally I have been on SSRI’s. Even light SSRI like trazedone for sleep.
    It’s like, personally, like taking a rage pill.
    So, I won’t touch SSRI’s. Ever.

    I also own a gun, if guns kill people my gun’s never mentioned it to me.

    I also was trained by 2 police officers how to operate a fire arm and what the law was and to be extremely careful with them.

    Never once in my life, even on SSRI’s, have I had the urge to pick it up and kill anything. I know often times I can’t compare my personal experience to the collective. But saying guns kill people is silly. People kill people. Homicide is honestly abnormal human behavior.

    I still think the media perpetuates and encourages these crimes. Remember who raises these kids? The media. Then they exploit these crimes.

    Parents aren’t raising the kids. They’re all working or playing on their cellphones.

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  3. Furthermore, they take the veteran (one person) who had a gun and then try to “piggy back” public policy off one gun owners reaction.

    And as far as the people trying to say they’d martyr themselves to influence gun control?

    These idiots are also part of the problem.

    Sorry. I’m really passionate about this issue and I just can’t stand Pop Culture, crazy people, psychopaths, bad journalists and/or idiots.

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  4. It’s more so the general public’s irresponsibility that irritates me.
    Guns are dangerous.
    They aren’t glamorous.
    They aren’t toys.
    And don’t even get me started on how violent video games create an inappropriate mental association and pavlov’s bell response to murder.
    It’s a complex issue but the root of the problem is in our limited knowledge of early childhood development, abnormal psychology and effective parenting skills. Sheesh… I could write a book on this.

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