I’m an optimist! I felt compelled to state such, in no uncertain terms. My writing often trends toward the problems and issues within this modernity we all exist in, but only because I believe with all my being, progress can be made for all of us. Everyday mankind exhibits behavior, that challenge even the most optimistic of souls, yet I choose to identify with that side of us, which connects all people in a profound manner. The capacity for compassion and unconditional love exists to some extent, at some point or another within every human existence. That doesn’t necessarily translate into exhibited behaviors, or cultural standards, but every life has this present at birth. The question is, how do we foster this inherent attribute into a more prevalent norm? The gestation period for our species is extremely brief relative to other species of mammals of our physical mass. We’ve evolved to this reproductive cycle for an obvious purpose, and that being so we could better develop our offspring before releasing them to sustain their own existences. Therefore, an emotional bond of tremendous magnitude is primary to the young humans ability to survive, as we are utterly and totally reliant upon the nurturing of another human to achieve enough maturity to become self sufficient. Nature has created this complex emotional union between humans and their offspring to perpetuate the species. Cultures have evolved to circumvent to some extent, the absolute necessity of this bond for the well being of the offspring. Villages grew into cities, and the idea of community lent its influences on child rearing. Babies could be reared to adolescents and adulthood by humans other than the childbirth mother and/or father. Yet, the emotional needs and connectivity have not evolved away. Homosapien’s still carry within their dna the genetic footprint for this unexplainable need to feel loved. 

So, how does all of this enter into the conversation about optimism and the present human condition, you might ask. This is what I identify as the common thread between all of humanity, transcending cultures, religions, nationalism, or any other ideology. It’s what, no matter who you are at any given time in our evolutionary history since the advent of language, distinctively links our realities together. Absent of comparable circumstances and technology advantages, this inherent need to be loved permeates across time within our species. It’s ultimately what contains our God like capacity to destroy all life on the planet, yet somehow prevents us from doing so. 


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