I’m 3/4 of the way through E.O. Wilson’s book “The Social Conquest of Earth”, and my idea of life improving for a bigger portion of the population faces some staunch realities. Cultural evolution, and the effects groups have on the natural selection process are playing a detrimental role to large populations of our species. The correlation between man and our resources is effectively skewed by this phenomena, in that certain cultures have increased dramatically beyond their capacity to flourish organically within what they identify themselves as, while others have attained the capacity to extend well beyond those boundaries. This process began many millennium ago as the species settled around the planet, all beginning from common ancestory in Africa. As different groups of humans manifested advantagous skills, that provided competitive benefit over other groups, cultural distinctions were born. Fast forward that tens of thousands of years, and what we see are tremendous cultural variations with an enormous variation of preferred genetic traits. So, as with this catylitic explosion of culture, came racism, emperiorism, imperialism, nationalism, not to mention religious ideology, all factors born of group influence upon natural selection. This gave an incredible distinction to exactly what the United States represents to the entire cultural dynamic. Democracy aside, few cultures have ever given much support to the idea of dilution of their base by diversifying with other cultures in the manner Americans do. I’m not suggesting this is an absolute best model by any stretch, but does offer insight into further progress. By mixing cultures through interaction such as marriage and mating, we take much of the isolationist inclusion/exclusion that cultures bear onto group influences of natural selection, and begin to develop more improved criteria for the individuals role in the same process, thus yielding more shared beneficial traits less subject to the effects of selfishness, and territorial violence as dictated by most of history. Take Brooklyn, NY for example. Identifying the numerous cultures living there is similar to a U.N. meeting in diversity, yet while differences arise, no wars are being fought over absolute control. Shared resources and cross pollination of influences are the result, when these forces exist within a uniform format. The question remains…how do we convince all cultures the concept of non threatening sharing of themselves?

5 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. I think this sort of thing happens quite naturally.

    I don’t think it can be forced or encouraged..

    Not only Brooklyn NY but the whole United States is a large cultural melting pot.

    Over time lines become blurry and it melts into perfect consolidation.


    1. Indeed it does, it gets disrupted by the ideology, which is fashioned as a control mechanism to subjugate the masses into a specified order. That kept most of the worlds population illiterate until the advent of the printing press. Today, communication is so prevalent that its effects are exponentially more harmful. Cultural evolution should be allowed to work more freely!

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      1. Agreed. I think if our leaders were more concerned with humanitarianism and the greater good we’d be better off. Like… Plato’s republic. 7 virtues of the philosopher king. Are you familiar with this?

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  2. I believe people become “threatened” when you bring in these crazy extremist ideologies.

    These ideologies are most often not to benefit the people but to assume and maintain control over them. This is where you get rebellion and dissension. That’s just my opinion.

    Cultural trade and cultural “Cross pollination” is quite natural.

    It is only when an ideology is brought in for purposes of control or “encouragement” that these people go to war. It’s manipulative and often times not in the good way. People can sense that.

    Ideologies are more threatening because these political ideologies are intolerant to the needs of everyone and they shove their opinions and ideologies down others throats. People don’t like that. When they feel fear they are losing their identity they don’t want to culturally “cross pollinate” they wind up clinging tightly to their ideals and isolating to self preserve.

    Nothing makes me withdraw more and not want to not share what I know than being manipulated by a political ideology.

    If people just left society alone I think they’d be shocked at how much faster the process works.

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