Under the weather, so I felt as though I should utilize the down time to express. Angus Deaton was just awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on consumption, poverty and welfare, which is precisely the concepts I too am pondering. No one will ever confuse my thoughts with the likes of a Nobel laureate, yet I’m hopeful the proper amount of attention coinciding with a collaborative effort from many such minds will in fact move the needle in this dilemma. You see, the differences between those contemplating this inequality, and those living at the lower ends of it, are minuscule in physiological terms, and are centered within the social structures of their outcomes. I attended a funeral this morning for the ninety five year old father of a friend, client of mine. The preacher told stories written by the loved ones, as well as his own. He boasted a thirty year relationship with the deceased and his family. This father, grandfather, great grandfather, friend, and local business owner had lived through the Great Depression, WWII (fighting at Iwo Jima) to own and operate a small general store in a very rural community. He was successful enough to raise four children, and have enough wealth to never wonder how he would exist. He was able to do so, and also extend credit to patrons that didn’t have such means, and no one ever really knew exactly how much of that he absorbed without payment. Four generations of family, along with a hundred or so non family members celebrated this life today. What exactly was it that compelled this man of modest means to live such a selfless life? Appreciation for all he had, or the fact he never saw himself as anything but ordinary? I’m anxious to read professor Deaton’s works about the economic aspects associated with Nobel Prize winning idea’s. Searching for a link between economics, sociology, as well as biology could shed some light on how to make the world better for even more. For now, it’s more cold med’s and bed rest.

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