After a week of hacking up crud from my chest, I’m about 85% back to normal. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about that lately. What exactly is “normal”, and why don’t we spend more time there? Life and it’s experiences cast their shadows over our existence. From our earliest memories, we are taught the difference between our perception of things. Who out there wasn’t told by an authority figure as a child, “to do or not do” something, because it was for your own good? Between what we’re supposed to do, and not do, lies this place called normal. Routine and order hold this whole thing together, I get that, but does normal slice through that entire dynamic? If we use a past experience as our reference to normal, are we locking our imagination into park in terms of how we feel? While if we drift too far ahead, we often neglect the lessons from that past. I guess I would define normal for me as inquisitive, hopeful, grateful, and something I just haven’t quite figured out…


8 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. I have never met “normal” in terms of society. In regards to myself? I feel like your interpretation is spot on. I

    think we screw up when we start comparing our normal to the normal society insists upon.
    My baseline is far from what people say is normal. For me as long as I am learning and working I feel normal. I’m sorry you’ve been so sick. I hope you feel better.

    You are so Aquarian in your ideas. Sorry just.. You think and communicate so… Aquarian.

    I don’t know how to describe it any other way really.
    I hate to drop an astrology bomb on you because some people can’t dig it and it’s a “abnormal” but… It’s just the thought that popped in my head regarding your posts.
    Maybe your Mercury is in Aquarius? Ever checked?

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