“The burden of reality…”
I’m not sure burden is the proper terminology, but it gets the expressive juices flowing, so we’ll run with that. My last piece with the same subject title got lost somewhere inside of the inter web? I put much thought into precisely how I would phrase the thoughts spinning around in my head, and the fucking system asked me if I was ready to post, so I touched the icon and away it went. Where it resides, and who is reading it are yet to be determined, so this piece is transformed into the perils of creative disappointment. I could sit around attempting to reconstruct the thoughts, and emotions (mostly the latter) of what went into that post, but holy shit, I’m not in that same moment any more. Imagine seeing a magnificent sunrise through the haze of ideal cloud cover. Now, imagine the odds of exactly the same conditions aligning to give you that very same view three days later. Oh well, billions of people live without electricity, and that’s my worst experience? 


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