“The intentions of others…”

Scientists have theorized one of the distinguishing aspects contributing to the rise of Homo sapiens to the apex of all life forms identified on this planet as our ability to cooperate on a grand scale. This ability to perceive and even anticipate the intentions of others allows for us to collaborate and help others in a way benefiting the entirety of our species. Our self expression through personal adornment (our dress) and creative endeavors (art and literature) project an inner identification to all we encounter. Take this platform for example, reading the thoughts and emotional expressions of those submitting their forms of self expression here, we build an image of that individual based upon our concepts we recognize about ourselves as well as others we already know. We read and follow those we find some shred of connection with right? The imagination fills in the gaps of what is presented by the author to sketch the persona of who we believe that person to be even without identification of form. During face to face interactions, our eyes start the process by assessing their form long before we ever discover a persons inner representation. While talking with strangers over the phone, the tone of their voice begins the process by casting a mold for our imaginations to build a representation of the individual on the other end. I guess all of this theory supports the extreme gratification one gets from that feeling of being accepted and understood by another of our species? Mating and cohabitation are mechanical to propagating the existence of the species, only to leave us wondering what is missing from feeling complete…


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