“Numb to all that noise…”

I’m happy to announce, I’ve finished my latest read, and began another. Now it’s “The Rightous Mind” by Joanathan Haidt. I was first exposed to his work from a TED Talk he did on global issues as world threatening to incite the type of collective cooperative response represented in the film “Armageddon”. Upon further research, I found his field of research to be intriguing, and gained interest in Social Pshycology with a distinct emphasis on morality. These past few years have embarked me on this quest of sorts to gain a better understanding of my life, as well as the current state of the human condition. To vanquish what Eckert Tolle refers to as “The Pain Body” so that my emotions of past experiences don’t interfere with my living in the now. I’m no different than anyone else in that respect, struggle and heartache are prevelant across most lives. I simply grew weary of allowing the behavior of people I put my faith into, to disable my happiness. I was once told in an entry level Pshycology class, that if we didn’t extract any other value from this course, know that no one can make you think or feel anything, you don’t allow them to. I guess I didn’t realize at that stage of my life, just how profound those words actually were. Today, I’m adding the concept of morality to my understanding of my own happiness…

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