“Reading is pretty fucking important in life…”

It appears as though the suggestion grade school reading proficiency testing and correctional facility future bed count determinations aren’t directly correlated through any stated research, but the issues surrounding the actual social struggles are indeed real and present. I heard the aforementioned myth from one of my daughters friends, and it alarmed me in many ways. Why wouldn’t we reach down as a society and help teach children to read better? That appeared to me as the simplest solution to an epic problem churning out multigenerational poverty for millions of people. I’ve since taken up a campaign to seek some measure of change to this unexeptable dilemma. My hope is to identify the level of additional interaction necessary to improve the grade level reading in a single school by aligning enough volunteerism within the community with an after school program where at risk students are present. Ive enlisted the help of several teachers within the area to provide the structure for the curriculum, as well as some early childhood development people to offer input as to how we should address the social aspects of our efforts. My goal is to measure the results, and use the feedback to adjust the process. Within a couple of years, we should know if we have enough success and progress to scale this idea to a replicable model for other schools to incorporate. 


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