“Everybody deserves a chance…”

I began this blog fully believing there was a better life for more people, plain and simple. That belief remains intact, only my definition of “better” has become more refined. Through these past 139 days, I’ve been on a relentless quest for understanding of the most up to date perspective the scientific, academic, philosophical, medical, technical, political, cultural, and social communities for the human condition. Book after book, documentary after documentary, research report after research report, I’ve combed through in hopes of building the most well balanced story for my own personal conscious narrative. This certainly isn’t agenda driven to create fame and fortune. I’m compelled by something deep within myself to make an effort to improve that human condition. Maybe all the nurturing from loving people in my childhood influences this drive for growth within, and around me. Maybe it’s simply part of a more natural biological transition through the progression of maturity. Maybe it’s a byproduct of shedding the anxiety over the sometimes debilitating emotional system we rely on from early in our conscious experience. Finding the balance between what I feel, and what I think, and what I imagine. Our thoughts untethered by suppressive emotions, spin a tale of the possible, absent of ideological judgement. Looking for what’s good in people, remembering what pushes today in a positive fashion, and dreaming about what a wonderful opportunity tomorrow offers. I see the beauty of people, when I look into their eyes. It shines from within the smile, without being dismissed by struggle. It’s as clear upon them as feeling it within myself. I don’t see it in everyone, sometimes there’s a cloud between what a person wants, and what they accept. There’s beauty within, only its shaded by the vail of their turmoil. Their dreams are for survival, not enrichment, while others can only tolerate their failed expectations. Shouldn’t everyone possess a reason to smile. Wouldn’t that equate to better…

#life #love #hope #peace #someday #dreams #relationships


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