“The Adelaide Jones Project”

Adelaide Jones was my “Grandmother” and arguably one of the most influential people to ever touch my life. She was a graduate of the University of Arkansas class of 1939, and went from there to get her teachers certification, teaching the fourth grade at College Hill Elementary in Texarkana, AR for several decades. I’m not certain of the precise number of children, who’s lives were impacted by this career as an educator, but it serves as a major inspiration to my efforts to further that work. I’ve named this effort in her honor, so I can use her influence as leverage to spark something in others to join in this undertaking. The goal here is very simple, we want to experiment with the idea of reading to young kindergarten and elementary school aged children in their after school care environment to see if this injection of volunteer support helps to improve reading proficiency for these children. The vision will be, to create a volunteer network within the community to deliver an experience of critical support, that’s often absent otherwise in the lives of far too many children across our nation. The research available overwhelmingly supports the need to read to children at critical junctures of their early developmental stages, and the absence of this casts unfavorable social shadows over these children for the remainder of their lives. If our efforts with this provide positive results, we can then begin the process of scaling it to touch the lives of millions of children across the entire United States, breaking the vicious cycle of multigenerational poverty and despair. I hope you find enough interest from this to follow along with us on this epic adventure in making the world a little better than we found it. 
#literacy #education #hope #Life #love 

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