“The Adelaide Jones Project”

Now that we’ve established the name for all this effort to better teach children to read, lets venture into the impetus of why this particular cause. It started with a conversation over lunch between myself, my daughter, her boyfriend, and her childhood friend Marina. Marina is in the process of getting her Masters Degree in order to teach developmentally challenged children. She made the statement, that she had recently read, where third grade reading scores were being used to calculate the need for future prison beds. Somehow, this comment struck my like very few discoveries in life do. It touched me in such a way, the only commentary I could utter was simply; “Wouldn’t it be easier to teach them how to read”? As it turns out, this statement about reading scores and correctional facilities is not supported by actual research or accessible data, yet the circumstances it depicts are very real, and accurate. While the exact numbers vary slightly between the various organizations statistically tracking the economic/social costs associated with literacy deficiencies within our society, the magnitude of the consequences directly correlated to this immense dilemma are unmistakable. There are efforts being made to address the issue, just not enough progress at the children’s level to offset the shear numbers of them requiring assistance beyond the public schools capacity to succeed. It’s not the lack of concern, nor the absence of involvement from non profits and the likes, but rather a perspective misalignment as to how we see the solution. My thoughts are, what if we build a solution for an individual school, once perfected to drive approved results, we can then replicate the program to apply it over an entire school district. If we can change a school district, we can deliver to the entire country. I’ve already reached out to a number of elementary school teachers, that I know with the idea of structuring the appropriate curriculum for the project, based on their knowledge of what is most beneficial to deliver. I’ve visited with my IT guy about kicking off a website to begin the process of gathering volunteers for scheduling reading sessions. The upcoming couple of weeks will be my target for discussing  this concept with two facilities providing after school care to substantial numbers of target aged children. Upon completion of all the aforementioned tasks, we’re then ready to write up the marching orders for the actual work at hand…






I would suggest everyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the magnitude of this social dilemma, take a look into any of the sites I’ve displayed, or do your own searches into the research done on this subject. As always, you can check back here for everything we can gain from putting a shoulder into the problem.


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