“The Adelaide Jones Project”

“Literacy vs Functional Literacy”

A mere 13% of adults in this country are considered proficient in their functional literacy. Adult as defined by individuals 16 years or older living in households or prison, excluding those unable to interview due to language spoken, or cognitive or mental deficiency. 44% rank as intermediate, 29% basic, 14% below basic. Given this data is 12 years old now, the change it represented over its previous time frame doesn’t suggest drastic improvement is underway. If the number of immigrants is anywhere near those suggested by the census, and  public school enrollment data, those aforementioned numbers are going to be significantly pulled toward the “below basic” level, rather than elevated upward to “proficient”. It would appear to me we have an entire generation worth of work to do. Just today I had two separate conversations about customer service issues with two completely different entities, and both centered around the absence of any common sense contemplation on the part of the persons they were dealing with, and the issues at hand. Both of the customer service representatives were simply following whatever guidance they were given without any margin for interpretation of responses. Making a decision based upon what they derived as the best response was not an option. Can anyone out there relate to these circumstances, and if so, how widespread across your life do these encounters happen? There are over 6 million jobs available at this very moment in the United States, that lack the qualified candidates to fill them. How much better could our society be with more of those type jobs being filled by people with a better level of understanding? This is my cause, I won’t stop working to make things better for more people, so everyone can have a chance at their dream. Unlike any politician, I don’t need any credit or recognition for my efforts, just support to carry it forward. My gain is to leave the world in better shape that what I was introduced to when I was born. That’s enough for me…

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