“The Adelaide Jones Project”


I can’t seem to get the statistic for “Functional Literacy” out of my mind. The link above details the methodology behind this particular testing effort. If we draw the line through the middle of the “Intermediate” group, and add each half to both sides of this situation, we end up at 65/35 for the ratio of less than moderately proficient to proficient in capacity to attain, comprehend, extract from, formulate ideas with reading ability. Unless you’re a Major League Baseball player, 35% as a society is failure? How can we possibly expect the standard of living to improve for those at the lowest end of the spectrum, without a strategy? Would it be naive to expect the government (elected by that 65%) to suddenly become inspired to improve their ability to help themselves? Election/re-election is predicated on offering some derived benefit to the two primary constituencies to gain voter support. This is precisely why I see a real solution tied to uniting community volunteerism (already exists in various forms) with the at risk children we know that are in the given communities. The first couple of years can only be viewed as a test for anything that could possibly develop beyond that. We need to know, by reading to children on a daily basis after school, are we improving their reading proficiency. That key piece of data will allow us to proceed, or change directions in search of a better path. I leave this draft to call the local Boys and Girls Club to present my case. Wish me luck!
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