Progress is being made, as I’ve moved “The Adelaide Jones Project” to it’s very own blog. I purchased the domain name last week, and reached out to my attorney for nonprofit organization, so we are about ready to push something of an entity together. All this is the easy side of the equation for me, as I understand the various intricacies of how all of that works. The overall vision of how we can layer community over the needs of it’s members to collectively raise the opportunities for those currently seeing that reduced, or disappear wth the inability to read at grade level, by the time they reach the fourth grade.

Campaigning for involvement from the community is our next challenge. How this project, along with it’s processes is being framed to the public at large, will greatly determine it’s adoption. Diminishing the negative receptors of this critical presentation, keys the acceptance of what this possibly represents to society. Careful to not alienate existing promotions and resources addressing the seriousness of the general problem, while carving out a new, clear path for success working for a solution, not just relief of the symptoms.

Approaching the establishment with a proposition that may imply some degree of ineffectiveness relating to  their existing processes, will require some very tedious navigation to not alienate access to the working parts of what they’ve experienced. Building a network of resources is far more beneficial than constructing an island.

I’m just excited about calling people to action for the improvement of everybody. If we can somehow capture that bit of magic in a bottle, just imagine what that could lead to someday…


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