“The infinite complexity of life as we know it…”
Stop to imagine the possibilities 7 billion people living on the same planet represents. Reference that to your sphere of influence, and the volume of complications arising from just that small fraction of the total population. Shouldn’t we feel somewhat lost within that sea of potential opportunity for complexity? To the contrary, most folks wrap themselves with the idea we are pretty much just the normal example of how everyone else see’s themself. Our family and friends are similar to those other groups of families and friends outside some slight cultural variances. I like fish, while you prefer chicken, or any of a hundred analogies of varying preferences gives us just enough differences as to not be boring as a species, yet connected by something bigger. At what point does this drift of preference cross over to beliefs and even ideology? How much in common is enough to bind, and what are the differences that promote separation. I’m guessing this dynamic lies just beyond the daily thoughts of most, I would even be bold enough to suggest it doesn’t cross the minds of many at all. This very well may be attributable to Darwinian traits handed down from our early hunter gatherer ancestory, as a mechanism for promoting tribal cohesiveness, but then why do we have cities of over a million people. We seem to want to belong to a bigger group, and even large enough to occupy an entire nation, yet we don’t relate to all the other members. The sense of belonging is strong in our species, as we go to extreme lengths at times to feel that way about ourselves, only to tuck away certain thoughts and feelings we dare only share with the chosen few we feel safe revealing that vulnerability to. Are we so afraid of being judged different…we contain the best we have to offer for fear of being seen as normal.
#life #love #happiness #peace 

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