“Live for the experience…not the regret”

Knowing you simply can’t take it all in, doesn’t that point us toward the obvious? You would think, yet how often do we constrain our adventurous, inquisitive, imaginative nature to settle for mere tolerance. I realize this completely understates the balancing act, that is reality for most. I write about complexity one day, then spin right around with simplicity in the cross hairs the next. Philosophical generalizations are what I’m suggesting. Pondering life with the openness of a child, that knows the wisdom of the ages. Far too many people want to measure their existence as a comparison to someone, or something other than their core self. I’ve been there, so I relate to that perspective. Balance: (noun) a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. How often can we apply this definition to our lives? I believe this piece does exactly that to what I shared here last. Try using this the next time a thought, or feeling creeps into your head or heart, that pushes you to a point of elation or despair. Whatever accumulation of events defining your existence in this life, try viewing them as exactly what they are…experiences.

#life #love #happiness #peace


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