“44th Place”

My first professional experience as an individual competitor in the world of bass fishing under my belt, and I finished #44 out of over 150 people. As we make the 8 hour drive back, after fishing 8 hours prior to, I’m trying to decide exactly how I feel about this first for me. Fishing is my hobby of choice, maybe because my father started me at the age of two. Fishing would be the last nonessential activity I would give up, if faced with a decision to cut out all the interests outside family and career. Maybe it’s the primal attachment to one of mankind’s first aquired skills for survival, or the challenge of inticing an animal with the conscious awareness of an insect, to do what evolution has brought it to do. Regardless of the reason…I love this shit! My heart races with each and every bite I get, anticipating another good one on the other end. Now that I’ve defined the feel good, lets balance that against the irrational side of the equation. Remember “balance” was the term I threw out yesterday, when I was spinning off “complexity” and so forth. Don’t even start to believe I plan this daisy chain of posts here, it’s just how my brain works, for whatever reason. 
Fishing, I could do so much with the resources expended to pursue this self satisfying endeavor, money, time, thought, energy. At times it leaves me feeling somewhat selfish, even guilty, even though I’ve never neglected my family because of it, or spent money I couldn’t afford. The other side of not wanting to be “selfish” could possibly be a motivating factor in my efforts of “selflessness” in creating The Adelaide Jones Project. Nevertheless, my goal with this, and with life is to be the best person I can imagine myself to be. My grandparents beamed with pride over my accomplishments in life, instilling in me the unrelenting drive to make them proud every chance I could. Fishing helps me find peace, which fuels my drive to do good…it must be alright, as long as it helps me to grow.

#fishing #love #life #happiness #peace


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