“Keeping score…”

I was watching a show prior to the NFL games getting under way, with a comedian performing her act before a live audience. During the course of one of her funny stories, she referenced a sexual encounter, where she identified this man by his circumstances verses hers, contrasting the variation of success and how that couldn’t build a foundation for a lasting relationship. The aspect this lady utilized for her punch line was the mans inability to bring an equal amount of financial resources to any type of partnership. There was even a comment about weighing that out somewhere into the future, before realizing it just wouldn’t add up to be fair. Exactly how can one gauge the experience of a relationship (more than casual aquaintance) on the balance of what each participant provides to the equation. 

Do we


…keep score? 
It’s a rhetorical question, because the answer is resoundingly, yes. If you have a friend, who constantly needs something from you offering less in return, you feel somewhat taken advantage of. How often do people reference their significant other in terms of how little they contribute to the relationship? Spouses, friends, relatives, coworkers, you name it, we’re all ranked by our level of engagement/participation/mutual benefit in comparison to those we’re connected to. Strangers aren’t scrutinized to the same standard given the absence of a connection. So, that bears flushing out, what about sharing our existence with others that gives rise to these expectations. I give myself to you, only if you give back in similar proportion. Too much give, taken advantage of. Too much take, taking advantage of. Why aren’t there rules in some place like the bible? Who determines the best ratio? Shouldn’t we all carry around some identifying ranking? “Hi, I’m Bill. I’m somewhat of a user”!  Calculating your return on your emotional capital is a tricky thing. Wouldn’t that conversation be awkward at a meet and great. “Look, I’m all in for 3 quarters, but as soon as this shows diminishing returns, we’re done”. Shouldn’t everyone be aware of their various scores within the relationships abundant in their lives. This is where the drama is spawned…
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