“Why the same title…?”

There’s actually not a well thought out plot behind that situation, you see I’m not that far along in this writing thing. Maybe someday, I’ll develope the ability to assign the appropriate catchy title to whatever I put forth in print. I’m not quite sure that takes precedence over content at this stage. Isn’t it proper to gather just enough story to reach the level of the predefined literary ranks, such as piece, article, memoir, short story or the likes, before applying the title. For the time being, we’ll dance with what brung us, and keep it just like it is.

I didn’t go to all the trouble of opening this app, and touching the compose button (icon) just to get that off my mind. I came here today with a little bigger perspective. This entire connection process is on the table today. Last time we pushed into “Keeping Score” as a source of eventual discontent. Where are the selfless connections where there is no score? “Unconditional Love” is often the term used, when we want to quantify the dynamics of a relationship absent of measured give and take. Why aren’t all interpersonal relationships “Unconditional”? Hey, I’ll be your bff…if you behave precisely as I imagine you should! Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. Shouldn’t the love we offer to anyone represent something similar? My proposition is simple, if you’re going to claim emotional connection to anyone, friend, lover, mate, family, coworker, how the fuck can you assign qualifications…? Once you accept them on any of these terms, you owe it to them to support whatever they represent. If they pretended to be something they weren’t, you don’t grow from tossing them aside as lesson learned. You grow from leaning into the situation until they don’t respond…that’s your all clear signal to set them free. There’s no trap to get out, it just shouldn’t sit at the front door…

#life #love #hope #happiness #growth


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