“The right stuff…”

After going through the whole diatribe of titles, I struggled just a bit with creating a “subtitle” for today’s writing. If you’re old enough to recognize the title from its movie reference, then we have the 80’s in common, if not, I won’t bother to explain. 
By now, you’ve identified this compulsory need of mine to tie my stories together with a thread of connection as I progress. Yesterday, it was open your heart and “unconditionally” connect to others. Today, it’s a step further in creating the connections, that are mutually enlightening for all involved. Being connected to the right people. 

What makes a good connection verses a not so good, or even bad connection? Taking the “unconditional” approach to this, let’s assume you can accept absent of judgement, there’s no carnal desire hidden within, and DNA isn’t the strongest link. Willingness to open yourself up to someone, it varies by person, and by combinations of those various possibilities. Open/shy, open/open, shy/shy, you get my drift. Compound that with varying degrees of each end of these spectrums, and holy shit, feels like infinity. Remember that term “infinite complexity” I used a while back? We are standing at the doorstep of its meaning. 
What is it about another non related human being which triggers within us the easy feeling of wanting to be closer? The first aspect of this dynamic is knowing yourself, and being honest with that assessment. Don’t we look for the comfort of familiarity in others? How we see ourselves.
Diversity is this exotic add on that comes easy to some, and never to far too many. Crossing cultural fences is somewhat tricky in certain ethnic heritages. Progressive participation hits a dead end where diversity is concerned. Yet another obstacle in the way of meaningful connection. 
Every aspect of what I’ve eluded to here is a byproduct of social evolution to some extent. Ideology through religion helps to guilt us apart, since everyone knows without a doubt, that having people outside your belief as close connections is absurd, right? If we left out the subjects of faith and government out of any connection, what could we possibly bond over? My friends are people who respect my respect for their respect…and so on

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2 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. If we left out the subjects of faith and government out of any connection, what could we possibly bond over?

    Music, Writing, Dancing, Painting, Cinema of course!

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