“Frequency matters…”

There swirls the idea within the scientific community, that energy emitted from intities in the universe resonates across time and space. Light, Gravity, and Energy are more identified known examples of this phenomenon. I’m not about to throw down a physics lesson with this, but begin to imagine that very same principal brought down to a personal level for humans. 


HeartMath Institute is exploring the connectivity of the heart as it relates to the energy field associated with its functionality. Intuition has never been more in the spotlight, than in today’s scientific community. The capacity to inquire and discover is so advanced with all the computational capabilities of today, we are uncovering huge chunks of understanding of how we arrived here. 

Wouldn’t it sort of make sense that such a higher level of sensory perception exists with life? As a species we’re hardly pushing the limits of the known conscious reality, and the standard of living will accelerate dramatically in the coming century. It just doesn’t stand outside laws of reason to not believe a higher level of consciousness exists right here within our lives today. 

Our lives vibrating on multitudes of frequencies across time and space, meshing into cohesive signals only audible to a level of understanding derived from extreme cultivation of our awareness. The universe yielding pools of opportunity for life to join in the giant cosmic expansion. Obviously, not as easy to explain as the realized physical world, but evident enough to heighten our curiosity. 

We sense others by their energy fields. It comes across as we make eye contact, recognized as that eye contact is confirmed. We exude our presence, while absorbing their presence. It also comes across in the written or spoken words defining our thoughts. Conversing with someone, even in the absence of visual contact creates an understanding, but lacks that confirmation from physical contact. Our minds rush to fill in the blanks, but lacks all the impact of face to face. Through all these various forms of communication, there still exists something just beyond definition. A wavelength of frequency yet to show up on our smart phones…


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