“Comfortably numb…”

Comfort, comfort food, comfortable clothes, seeking comfort, comfort me, comfort you, comfort to the soul…humans love them some comfort! 


noun 1. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

“room for four people to travel in comfort”

2. the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.

“a few words of comfort”

synonyms: consolation, solace, condolence, sympathy, commiseration; More

verb 1. ease the grief or distress of; console.

“she broke down in tears and her friend tried to comfort her”

So, does the conscious mind have the capacity to manipulate this perceived state of being? When we focus intensely on aspects of comfort, does that somehow diminish whatever discomfort is present? The physiological aspects of all this are somewhat understood, in that there are thoughts and behavior which produce the components of a euphoric state. This is far more desirable than pain and suffering at any level. Remembering chronic pain and anxiety are the brains worst nemesis. Physical discomfort is one side of this complex equation, and in some instances can be avoided with proper choices that eliminate the outcome causing the discomfort. We also have the innate ability to ignore a great deal of this type of discomfort by engaging in activities requiring the mind and body to get juiced up on adrenaline. Illness is a totally different story, which challenges people in starkly different ways dependent on the individuals personal mindset. This implies there is a certain degree of control in precisely how discomfort affects our state of being. 

I was over visiting sabiscuit.wordpress.com before writing this, and discovered her great piece on chocolate as a comforting component for her life.   Her portrayal of just how much we can shift our mood from whatever consumes us to blissfulness with a fancy box of cocoa butter enriched sugary goodness. Controlling the level of comfort in ones life seems pretty basic in this instance, yet why don’t we manage every aspect of life in a similar fashion? 

All this being said…my sinus infection prevents any of this from being realized today😔


One thought on ““Win/Win”

  1. Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I had come over to your blog looking for it but managed to miss it. But here it is. And I completely understand what you’re saying. We can choose to make a shift. Its not the size of the gesture, it’s the focused intent. It’s great when our thoughts line up over the wire. I hope you’re feeling better after a good rest.

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