“Texas…don’t mess with them”

Let me set the record straight…I was born in Texas, albeit just across the state line. I’ve never lived a day in my life there, and no I wasn’t stolen from the hospital by Arkansas gypsies to be peddled off for beer money. I say all of this to lay the groundwork for my story, as though there was some relevance to the former by the latter. Texas is unique, yet symbolic to what’s good and bad in American society 2016. 

I’ve just spent two days in East Texas on another fishing excursion, and I stop to reflect upon some of the observations that came to me. By conversation alone, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between the different socioeconomic groups of the region. The more you look, sound, and behave like the character “Larry The Cable Guy”, the easier it is to assimilate with the masses. Accent, dialect, and vocabulary aside, everyone sounds as though they were home schooled by Ellie Mae Clampet. It’s part of their charm, right?

My brother lives in Houston, where the “Big City Folk” have little to no similarities to their peeps just a few short hours away. Urban and rural contrasts are like that, in that private schools raise the bar for city kids, while “Memaw” influences the country ones. 

violetonlineisonline.wordpress.com (take a look at her stuff) wrote a great piece about a simpler life, where she points out “simple is better”! There in lies the dichotomy between “Big City” and “Piney Woods” Texas, fast paced, slow and easy. 

“What the fuck are you talking about…”
you’re probably wondering?

These are the people, who elected George W Bush for their governor, and allowed him the platform to achieve presidency. Ted Cruz would be running a motel 6 somewhere, had they not sent him to DC. The last president assassination happened in Dallas. They fucking voted on carrying concealed weapons to church. They retained the right to succeed from the nation, if shit didn’t work out like they wanted it, and still talk about evoking said right! 

Are they the compass for the remaining 300 million, who don’t live there…?


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