“Observing from a safe distance…”

Generational change is social evolution unfolding right in front of us. One generation laments at how “young folks” stray away from the perspective of their parents viewpoint to recreate the human condition. These newly formed values and belief’s in turn are deciminated throughout the new generation, and broadcast toward, yet another generation. This cycle is nothing new to the human race, only now via the connection of modern day technology, greater change happens in much shorter intervals, all the while the average age of first time mothers has increased from 21.4 in 1970, to 26.3 in 2014.

What does this mean?

People are living longer, so it only makes sense that the idea of conception (planned and unintended) would push out. Better education, as well as access to birth control make this expansion reasonable. The difference between having a child at 21 verses 26 changes the outlook on life dramatically for this very important age group. Young 20 somethings are extremely influential to generational change, especially given the meteoric rise in the children being born to unwed parents. This widening of the window for change between generations gives support to the idea of that aspect of change, has rapidly accelerated.

Coupled together, the aforementioned concepts are exponentially shifting the value complex. Human values and morality are two separate things in my eyes. Values are principals that we relate ourselves to life, while morales are principals in which we relate ourselves to others. While the morality of generations hasn’t shifted dramatically, the values have. My children have much less in common with my mom, than I had with my grandparents. Rapid expansion from technology advances help to explain some of this transformation, as lifestyles have been enhanced in many areas. Reluctance to adopt traditional values is a bigger driver of the more recent generational shift. 

Educated twenty somethings are what sets the bar for progress and change within any developed society, and adding years to this space, without the responsibility of children is a game changer. 

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