“Blenheim, New Zealand…

…this place is about the wine”


We’re here specifically for the world class vino that comes from the lush and fertile Wairau River basin. Marlborough Savignon Blanc’s are second to none. The sunny days and cool nights represent ideal growing conditions for grapes. 25,000 acres of vineyards stretch from the northern coast of the South Island up to the majestic mountains hovering to the south. Blenheim is considered the “sunniest” area of NZ, getting 2,400 hours of sunshine per year. If you stepped off the plane blindfolded, you would swear you were in Napa Valley. The people of NZ are arguably among the nicest I’ve ever met. Granted, the lack of language barrier aides to that, yet even beyond speech, the attitude here exudes contentment. 

Hopefully today we’ll be able to stop at Clos Henri to sample some of this luscious nectar. There are cruise ships in Picton, so all the services are being stressed to accommodate all the old fucks coming ashore for the day! (BTW, I despise the concept of floating a fucking village of geriatrics around to spread their diminished capacities to the rest of the world)

“Sorry about the quick rant 😊”

All that being said, there are an abundance of other options to soak up today. Wine is in focus for everyone in this quaint little area.

“St. Clair was the first stop.”


“Framingham…second stop”

“Beautiful estate…beautiful wines”

“Bladen…great little place to be”



“Lawson Dry Hills”
 Edit  Edit   


“What a way to finish the day…”

#wine #NZ #life #happiness #love


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