Wifi dependency…”

I’ve been attempting for two days now to load photo’s for posting here with no avail. The Internet connection at the hotel is sad, and prohibitive for using photo’s to share what I want to share. That relegates me back to the written word for the time being. The ability to share what runs through my mind by typing digital buttons on a glass surface is actually a blessing, when contrasted against what billions of others in this world have for that opportunity. It’s given me pause to reflect back on all the graces of this life I live. 
I wanted to go fishing today, but there wasn’t a charter going out, so I would have to pay for two just to get on the water. As I was reading this news from my email, I thought for a second about how shitty of a deal that was, then I shifted to the idea of “oh well”. Whatever I end up doing with my time today will become my reality, and it’s better than any form of regret. My only goal now is to feast on the vaunted “Fergburger” down in Queenstown. It’s rated as the best in the world by CNN. I do love burgers, so that alone will give me something to hang a fond memory on.

I was reading the lovely violetonlineisonline@wordpress.com earlier, where she wrote about her detox from the life she had found herself settled into. It started me thinking about the settling in my own life, and why I do the things I do. What is the paradigm for personal fulfillment and fulfillment of one’s role in the lives of others?

Health is vital to living a full life, and being a part of the lives of others. We are of no benefit to anyone in a diminished state of personal health. That doesn’t mean one has to run a marathon every day, but spending an hour each day keeping fit is part of a healthy life. Not harming yourself with excessive detrimental behavior is very much an equal part of a healthy life as well. Too much of a good or bad thing isn’t going to aid your quest for full participation in life.

Mental/emotional stability is vital to the utilization of this healthy body. While physical activity promotes cognitive functions, it takes a little more to make peace with the anxiety life tends to boil up around us during the course of pushing for peace and happiness. Meditation is a nice little adjustment process for just that. Buhdist monks dry cold wet sheets on their bare skin by meditation. It really fucking works…give it a go!
As much as I love to eat, even I realize the importance of proper nutrition. High quality foods prepared with love and attention to the farm to table process, are essential to feeding the fit body and mind. Denying yourself pleasure in eating can only lead to other unintended consequences, so diets and fads simply promote anxiety. 

Most importantly, surround yourself with good people. Violet noted in one of her blog posts “Your shit is not mine”! Don’t attempt to assume that you’re responsible for the failures of others. That’s simply not how it works. It’s a full time job sorting through your own issues to deliver the very best self you can to the world at large. Link that to others who have put forth the effort to do the same…

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