The whole enchilada…”

What is it about the human condition, that keeps us continually searching for something about ourselves we believe to be missing? It has been described over the ages in terms that lead us to sense there is a certain aspect of life, which once attained will give us this feeling of being complete. This implies the idea of a single conscious reality as only a fraction of the ideal state of being. While others contend solitude as the ultimate existence for the self actualized spiritual reconciliation. I’ve seen it from both sides and still find myself somewhere in the middle. Homo sapiens are social by evolution, and isolationist by ideology. We carry these Paleolithic emotions around like our cross to crucifixion because they grip us with such fury when riled, we fear a life without their torment. We build up the idea of love to a point where we neglect to practice it in practicle terms in day to day life with those we’ve failed to place on our cherished pedistal. Why can’t love be like hunger, something we feed each and every day with the same variety of possibilities as a super market has? It’s no longer a mechanism for perpetuating our species. We’ve long overcome that obstacle. Inconvenience shouldn’t turn straight to discontent. Wouldn’t compassion work better than frustration when dealing with others of the same species? Culture binds and blinds us to others we can set aside as different. This worked well when a range of mountains or a body of water kept people apart, but today that’s not the case. The only way to hold people apart is to prevent them from learning. Just as the only way to bring our emotional self into modern times is to discuss what it means to be whole. The only thing missing from any human existence is the realization that you are the lone source of your happiness. Anyone, who chooses, can have everything they can ever dream of. No one can ever dream for you…

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The pursuit of happiness…”

Makes it seem like a competition, doesn’t it? Is there a finite supply of it, and there’s not quite enough to go around? The comment below generated an entirely new train of thought. What if…our struggle lies with our concept of time, rather than our state of being? “Now” is a temporal state, meaning it continually shifts with each passing moment. Clock time is derived from the physical movement of the earth around the sun, simply a math formula. We plan our lives ahead of the moment as if we’re going to pounce upon life as a tiger on its prey. This builds great anticipation, while neglecting the many “Now’s” passing along the way. I’ll come back to this later…after fishing!


2 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

    1. Sad, mad, glad, hurt, scared, ashamed…these six words were given to me by a psychologist. He said that these were the human emotions. My response was “there’s only one good one” for which he replied “we’re hard wired to seek happiness. It’s our ideal state of being. Problem is…most humans have lost sight of what that means, replacing it with surrogate behaviors that never quite get us there. Humans are kinda addicted to that sensation that’s only a fleeting version of what we seek? My version is simple…don’t sweat the small stuff, and most everything is small stuff😎

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