…it’s all about how we feel”

Theses were the the words listed on a small piece of paper given to me by a psychologist several years back. He said these were the base emotions we as humans experience. My comment to him was “There’s only one positive one” to which he replied “we’re hard wired to seek happiness. Much has been written and contemplated about this since the advent of language within our species. Some cultural ideologies use it against their followers as a bad thing. Pleasure can be bad, if acquired from forbidden means. Others utilize forms of suffering as a means of re-enforcing the acceptance of what you have as enough. Western cultures have gone to great extremes attempting to satisfy that desire for attaining a state of happiness. I have my own perspective derived from my personal journey to what I consider “happiness”.

Einstein cracked open the modern understanding of the universe at large with his general theory of relativity in 1905. He proved time, space, light, and even gravity are subject to a relative conformity of each other’s effects. Scientist of that time were awed by the concept, but lacked a practicle application to even utilize such a discovery. They shifted their focus to the quantum world. Shortly before all this wonderful discovery, Freud worked to develop a basis for the modern understanding of the human psyche with his groundbreaking assessments of the human condition. During no other period of modern time had mankind revealed such an explosion of discovery since the renassaunce period following the dark ages. 

Today we live in another such period of discovery as scientist have at their disposal incredible technology for realizing their wildest imagined concepts and theories. Neuroscientist are realizing more than ever before precisely what happens inside the human brain as we experience our various realities. All that being said, scientists have yet to identify what a memory consists of physiologically speaking. We know how powerful the effects of memories are, and still don’t understand why. 

What if happiness is just a state of awareness we all can control by the way we manage our existence? What if we simply allow ourselves to emotionally connect to a level of consciousness that follows the same laws as Einsteins theory of relativity? Instead of pursuing happiness, we just allow it to happen like how we utilize light, time, and space. I’m going to experiment with this concept over the coming weeks as I return from vacation back to regular life. It should be fun working around what life throws my way. I will keep you posted on my findings. For now…20 hours of plane rides ahead!!!

#happiness #life #peace #hope #self #discovery #love #now


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