Liquid trouble…”


Growing up in the south, there was a bias for bourbon as the spirit of choice during my adolescence. The liquor store was a vastly different establishment back then. The shelves contained a smattering of wines, and clear spirits, with the bulk of the inventory going to a wide variety of bourbon whisky. Old Grandad, Old Crow, Old Charter implied the reality of the older the better. Beer and bourbon were the mainstays for all the cool kids of the day. Let’s get this clear right up front, I’m not an advocate of underage consumption of alcohol, or excessive consumption by those of legal drinking age. This story is about my own discovery of a taste for “Gin”.

It was summer, hot and sticky with the humidity of the region. Long before craft beers and the global explosion of the wine industry. Searching for an alternative to the ordinary beer or bourbon options, we decided to try “gin & tonic” to broaden our horizons. My buddy Paul snapped up a bottle of Segrams “Extra Dry” (neither of us had a clue what that meant) along with some Schweppes tonic water, and the proverbial plastic lime juice squeeze bottle. “Gin & Tonic that’s what we’re drinking today” he exclaimed. “Look at you, all cosmopolitan” my response. We were headed to the lake to go fishing. Light, refreshing, tasty were the adjectives used to define our very first experience with this newly found spirit. As the day progressed, and we encountered some friends on the water, they would ask us “what have ya’ll got in those glasses”? We were trend setters way ahead of our social curve. 

I remember waking up the next day wondering what hit me. The details of exactly what we did were vague to both Paul and I, and the stories from our friends on the lake that day trickled in over the coming days. I guess we got bored with not catching any fish, and did some boat riding up and down the lake, which must have offended some of the other boaters. Needless to say…gin and excessive fun are distilled into my adolescent memories!

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