“King of the hill…”

Barely an hour into my return to the office from fabulous vacation to the Southern Hemisphere, I was already confronted with someone’s issue as an imposition upon my experimental “state of happiness”. This person struggles to identify their purpose in life today, and took offense to the way I attempted to convey to them the solutions I suggested to this dilemma. Granted, we are friends, and I genuinely apologized for my behavior, but as soon as I was informed of the situation, I couldn’t help but reflect on my latest resolution. Throughout the remainder of the day, I found most of my conversations were filled with what I consider ridiculous assumptions about a wide variety of things. Politics is in the air in this country, just as the stench coming from the paper mill at grandmother and granddad’s house, when the wind blew out of the north. “What if so and so gets elected” comes from the mouths of nearly everyone these days. They are appalled by unfounded promises made by one candidate, while neglecting to apply the same scrutiny to all those who seek your vote? Ted Cruz spoke on Face the Nation, claiming if elected he would abolish the IRS. WTF? The executive branch has zero authority to ability to do such a thing, but instead of the host saying “that’s the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard, and you’re a fucking retard Mr. Cruz” he smiled politely and moved on. Because this is how people attempt to attain their understanding of the world surrounding them, they can pick and choose among a basket of manipulative shitbags for the one making them feel better about their worries. While I on the other hand, can be content to laugh at the lot, while reflecting on the latest episode of NOVA I just watch upon return from said vacation. I believe the key to maintaining this harmonious balance is simply deflecting the ridiculous in a non confrontational manner, and tell everyone struggling with whatever, “I can see how that would affect you” and leave it at that! Belief’s are powerful stories seated deeply into one’s perspective, rattling every uncomfortable emotion they can inflame along the way. Pushing against them is like trying to dissect their soul away from their being. Helping lead future generations to the path of acceptance via better understanding appears to have much more promise, than to explain my concept of happiness. Besides…
…it’s quite obvious, people are far more interested in my photo’s of food an travel than my written thoughts😎

#life #happiness #hope #peace #joy #love


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