Adjust vs Anger…”

I love people, their ways and behaviors intrigue me to no end. I often watch people imagining stories that run through my mind as I ponder their personal perspectives. Not only do I observe how others of our species behave, I educate myself to the most recent understandings of those in science and academia. The more I know about what we as a species knows collectively, the better I can relate not only to myself, but to others. 


It’s a term brought to life by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford, where her theories about motivation personality and development have yielded some things about us I’ve somehow always suspected. 

Fixed vs Growth”

How we view our circumstances says a tremendous amount about how we behave. More specifically, how we view failures, and the subsequent response gives insight into how we approach life. You have a choice in all this, whether you realize it or not. Fixed mindset individuals see their abilities as innate, and succumb to the fear of failure as a dreaded representation of who they are. Growth mindset allows for hard work and determination to improve them, thus failure simply requires an adjustment on their part, and to try again. 

We all know the powerful grip of fear, especially as it pertains to failure. Next time you find yourself imagining something, try imagining a life where the fear of personal failure doesn’t exist…

#mindset #growth #self #peace #life

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