Nearly two weeks into this experiment in the natural forces of happiness, I must say things are different from before. Not from the standpoint of any form of regret for not arriving here sooner, or anxiety about how long this will last, but rather from the perspective that neither of those states exist today. Letting our past fall to the level of somewhat insignificant doesn’t rob the future of anything, just as anticipating the future doesn’t wipe away the tears from our past. “Relativity” is applicable to the human condition much as gravity is to light. Maybe the “Theory of Everything” includes the collective consciousness of life itself? Culture has bound us into groups of collaborative achievement unprecedented in tribal hunter gathering man, yet at the same time blinded our advancement with cumbersome ideology and beliefs. Government brokers negotiations between cultural differences only because of our species inability to accept others as we view the learned biases from our past. We’ve yet to collectively evolve to that higher level of conscious awareness, but me seeing an alternative to what I previously believed, gives me hope for what can be. There’s nothing innately special about my perspective, only that by focusing on personal growth, I no longer carry the burden of my past…

#life #self #growth #mindset #happiness #hope #love #peace

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