A day at the races…”


The weekend is winding down, and I pause to reflect upon what I discovered from this adventurous undertaking. We all possess more tolerance than we give ourselves credit for, and attempting to meet the needs of ten adults simultaneously is an exercise in futility.  

 Politics is better thought about than spoken. It binds and blinds, wait so does culture? Maybe it’s just a mechanism for humans to express their individual concern for their place in the big picture? People can appear disinterested up until they feel threatened. One of my friends supported the idea of one candidate over the rest based upon the values of this politician. I retorted that all politicians of the present era represented a conflict of interest given their dependency on special interest financing for their election. BTW, Ted Cruz has not held a corporate job since his graduation from Harvard Law. 

I shared my betting process with the entire group, with one couple fully adopting it and winning money. None of the others were able to capture this “magic in a bottle” and subsequently donated to our successes at the cashier. 

The phrase “Buffet” is Latin for a shit load of average food!
Thoroughbred’s are magnificent creatures…

Bottle opener above your toilet paper dispenser…I’m guessing it served some purpose at some point in American history. 

Spending time with important people, that’s life in a nutshell. Those people should mean something significant to you, meaning you’re willing to accept all their quirkiness along with their appealing characteristics. Hopefully they see you in that same deminsion…

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