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I just spent a couple of days with modern families, meaning two sets of lesbians with children. They’re all very nice people with varying degrees of normal behavioral issues from their children, that commonly occur among heterosexual parents. My question is more along the lines of the seemingly obsessive attachment these children have with an actual male role model. Can the evolutionary role of mother and father be replicated in this non-evolutionary lifestyle? As much as we like to believe social evolution trumps ideology, can it betray hundreds of thousands of biological evolution? 




The concept of natural mother and father roles can be side stepped by science, and avoided by social selection, but in the end our species arrived to this current development by the forces of biology not sociology. Meaning, the presence of both true male and female influences bring the necessary balance of what it takes to comply with natural selection over social selection. 
This is not condemnation of lifestyle choice nor support for an ideological agenda, but rather the observation of children exposed to circumstances outside the boundaries of evolution, and contrast to those exposed to natural circumstances. Children with two mothers or fathers don’t get what millions of years of evolution offer! Bottom line, we would have never gotten this far down that alternative path. 
I can’t ever begin to imagine what a gay/lesbian perspective is like. I fully accept their rights to choose whatever lifestyle fits their perspective. The point I hope to make in this is, it’s not biologically sustainable. Evolution is a force far beyond the capacity of social redirection, and these Paleolithic emotions confronting the progression of our species have created this detour…

5 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. i think many gay parents make really sure that their kids have a father figure in their lives. (or mother figure) also, some of the kids i know who have gay parents are the most well balanced kids out there. i think a good parent is a good parent, no matter what.

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    1. I totally agree…but parenting is an effort on the people taking on the responsibility of creating a life. My point is from a purely evolutionary perspective, we wouldn’t be here had this lifestyle choice taken place thousands of years ago?

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