Injustice for all…”

I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, and unless something dramatically changes there, never will. I’m positive the majority of the citizens are quite like people everywhere, good human beings seeking to enjoy their lives with their families, proud of the culture and heritage they know. 

The issue for me is with the government and how they operate as a tyrannical institution of oppression, while the world watches for fear of losing access to the oil from the region. What kind of fucked up deal was struck following WWII that ignored this situation in its infancy? Oil was a major factor for both sides as they attempted to engage the other, and the Nazi conquests of Northern Africa were partially aimed at securing this vital resource. 

Nevertheless, this bullshit has been ignored and allowed to exist by their extortion of the western world with oil. 

The sad news for the future is the impending struggle the citizens of this deplorable regime will face as the power of oil diminishes over time. The rich fucks at the top won’t feel near the pain as their non royal counterparts. Those assholes have palaces all over the world, so they’ll seek refuge and asylum elsewhere as technology advances the world away from oil. 

I realize there’s no utopia where injustice doesn’t exist, and I’m not incinuating a cultural bias. What I’m pissed about is the entire fucking world pretending things are ok, when clearly they’re not…

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

Saudi Arabia

6 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

  1. So I know you are writing about Saudi Arabia. The truth is, if we looked at every country and the bad, we would never travel. I know you gotta take a stand, but god – corruption, thievery, bribery, child labour, the slave trade, misogyny, and I could go on – it is everywhere. awful, and everywhere.

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    1. I know…sadly it’s the human condition😔

      Ego and ideology are poison to compassion and understanding. When is enough, enough? Why does our species need to disadvantage some for the prosperity of the few?


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