What if…”

How often do we compromise the present with this phrase? The idea of possibly gaining the advantage in the future from these “doubts” seems a little far fetched, given the possibilities for exactly the precise circumstances creating the original one. What difference can something, that didn’t happen actually have over what’s currently happening? The point I attempt to suggest here is very simple, the past can teach only to the extent it’s relevant to the present! Living in the now, as Eckert Tolle refers to it, isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Those memories are sticky because we re-use them so often. We truly are prisoners of our Paleolithic attachment to our feelings. I’m as guilty as the next guy, when it comes to these matters as well, knowing fully the effects of emotional override. Lingering heartache from circumstances beyond my control, yet not accepting the responsibility for the one aspect I could control…me.

I came here to write about the one thing I’m familiar with, my own perspective. If it reaches to a thought or feeling, you can relate to, well don’t we all seek that type of connectivity in our lives? Millions upon millions of things floating around the minds of the people connected by WordPress scattered across the tag lines and hashtags labeling their intent and purpose. Oh, how we love to wonder about the “what if” of life…


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