Too Much…”

Straight in, suck up and go,

cool it, swallow, swallow

Breathe deep, take it all

it comes cheap

Push it through the doors

because in between the lines

I’m gonna pack more lines

so I can get in..”

~Dave Mathews Band~

I read, I listen, I watch as the world goes on around me. I write about my thoughts and commentary from what I glean from this world at large. Today, I read something that touched my core belief’s, and compelled me to set aside the time to convey those said belief’s. There are two very distinct human forces holding down progress for billions of humans on earth today.

#1) Domestic Violence: No one can possibly be their best self, when they live in fear! In the US alone, it occurs about every twenty-two seconds. April is Child Abuse Awareness month, and the colored pinwheels representing cases within our county are daunting. Women and children alike are huddled into shelters to avoid the conflict and abuses from men and women who choose to harm them. Freedom, not really! Law enforcement is abysmal given their dedication to this “War on Drugs” and the attention it receives. Priorities are skewed from the top down, simply because solving this problem won’t get you elected. 

#2) Hunger: There’s more than enough food to properly nourish the people of the world. What we have is a distribution problem, that hasn’t been recognized by the current governments of the developed nations. Americans throw away 40% of the food we produce, while 1 in 6 of our citizens face food insecurity. How utterly fucked up is that? The US Postal service delivers junk mail to every address known on a daily basis. Why can’t they also deliver non-perishable food to those in need? 

NO ONE…is capable of achieving their potential when they are hungry or live in fear…

These are social issues requiring social solutions. Every life matters after the decision is made to give it it’s very own reality. We can do better, it just takes more than corporate sponsored politicians swimming in their conflicted interests telling these people suffering…they’re fighting for your rights!



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