Quantum Consciousness

Wednesday is the midpoint for the week, and I took some time to connect with some of the sources I rely on to feed me knowledge, so I might possibly build a quasi interpretation of how I arrived here. The above link is some fascinating research into human consciousness. I first heard about their work on “Through the Wormhole” Morgan Freeman’s enlightening series on the Science Channel. Pairing an anesthesiologist with a renowned physicist to explore the theory of consciousness, and the possibility than the human collective consciousness is somewhat inherent, thus implying accumulative to some degree. Needless to say, this shit intrigues me to no end. As far back as I can remember (earliest recollections being two years old) it felt like there was far more to the story of my existence, than anyone could explain to me. Creationists and religion were cast upon me like an indelible force of absolute judgement, attempting to scare/shame me into compliance or else. Then there were thin inquisitive forces, such as my school teaching grandparents, who embraced the idea of science and research to discover better perspectives on how things were put together. All this started me to wonder, how much about the universe don’t we know? 


2 thoughts on ““Win/Win”

    1. In numerical terms, the brain has the capacity to process 1 followed by a MILLION 0’s worth of things…the total known amount of things is only 1 followed by (79) 0’s! We haven’t even scratched the surface of what humans will someday become…if we don’t fuck things up, and cause our species to become extinct first?

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